Patsy Johnson Statement

The comments caught on audio/video tape of Representative Jimmy Eldridge declaring the Governor’s changes to Tennessee’s Workers Compensation law would be passed through his committee was not a real surprise to me. After all, Republicans have a super majority and Democrats really can’t stop or even modify any bill in Nashville without the assistance of some Republicans. Just this week in a subcommittee hearing, the injured workers who had traveled to Nashville to testify against proposed changes were denied an opportunity to speak and were told to come back next week to testify before Mr. Eldridge’s committee.

What was surprising was Mr. Eldridge chose to invoke my husband and myself in explaining why he was going to ram the changes down the throats of Tennessee’s injured workers. Unfortunately this is not the first time Mr. Eldridge has broken a promise made to the citizens of Madison County. Mr. Eldridge needs to decide if he will help injured workers or the greedy profit at any cost employers who don’t give a hoot about their injured employees.

Patsy R. Johnson


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