"This is My Jackson" Contest

Grab your cell phone or camera; The Jackson Chamber of Commerce wants to see videos for why you love the city of Jackson.

The "This is My Jackson" video contest started today. The contest is a chance for the residents of Jackson to show the world what they love the most about their city.

Megan Seals of the Jackson Chamber of Commerce says she thinks this contest could be great for the city.

"You go on YouTube and there is not a lot about Jackson on there," Seals said. "So we wanted to record all these things and not just from our perspective but from other Jacksonians and see what they love most."

Contest winners can receive a televison, tablet or free advertising of thier bueiness.

There are two categories; one for business and one for individuals.

The executive director of the Jackson Chamber of Commerce Lori Nunnery says she wants a chance to showcase all of the attractions in Jackson.

"When people say there is nothing to do we want to say there is a lot to do," Nunnery said. 'There is a lot to do there is a great many things to do not just in Jackson but throughout West Tennessee."

There are little rules for the contest. There is no time limit on them, and they can be narrated or not.

The contest ends on September 16.

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