Tips to prevent cell phone theft

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1. Password-protect your phone. A password may not prevent your cell phone from being stolen, but if your device is taken, a thief won’t have easy access to any private information stored on your phone.

2. Know how to identify your phone. Write down your phone’s model number, serial number and unique device ID number (or IMEI number.) On most phones you can dial *#06# and the number will appear onscreen. You can also access it by turning the phone off and removing the battery. You’ll find the IMEI number and serial number on the label under the battery. Save these numbers in a file so they’re easily accessible if your phone is taken.If you don’t have your IMEI number, in most cases you can call your cell phone carrier and ask for your IMEI number to obtain it.

3. Install anti-theft software. An anti-theft app can protect your personal and confidential data, and help you locate your device if it gets lost or stolen.

4. Know who to call. If your mobile phone is stolen, call your carrier immediately—and notify law enforcement right away, too.


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