Volunteers Help Clean Up Neighborhood

Natalie Potts

JACKSON, Tenn.- Jackson's Month of Miracles officially kicked off it's weekend community project on Hardee Street, Saturday.

Dozens of West Tennesseans worked all day to brighten the East Jackson neighborhood by cutting limbs, pulling weeds and bagging leaves for homes that needed help.

"The world is a good place and we need to make it better," said volunteer Javiah Merriweather.

Workers of all ages came together to garden for the greater good. Showing homeowners what it really means to "love thy neighbor."

"We are here to care for and love one another, join hands and walk together, and that's what this is about," said volunteer Patsy Turner.

Workers cleaned up homes for owners who were unable to clean up by themselves.

"With a lot of us older, a lot of us cant maintain like we used to," said homeowner Marva Williams.

Homeowner Gean Morris told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News that before the workers came, her yard had not been touched in seven years and that the helping hands are working miracles on her street.

"With my mother being so sick, I felt like some days I wanted to fall down, but God picked me back up and today he really picked me back up," said Morris. "He really picked me back up I haven't been out in the sunshine and today I am out in the sunshine so this has really lifted me up."

Volunteers have vowed to pull weeds, paint, rake and plant flowers for houses along Hardee street every Saturday in the month of April.

"I never thought in the world this would happen and when they were fixing the flower beds and they said 'add mulch to it,' I just bout fell to my knees because I didn't know we were going to get mulch and flower beds and flowers," said Morris. "I couldn't have done all this by myself and I'm so thankful and grateful."

Workers said they are just happy to plant the seeds of love throughout the community of Jackson.

"I just want to help people you know its a great feeling when your helping people," said Miracle Man.

Jackson City Court workers also pitched in to help clean up the street Saturday. American Red Cross volunteers fed neighbors and the day's workers.

If you would like to be a part of one of Jackson's Month of Miracle projects contact Jackson City Hall.


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