Where to get Colorectal Screening Kits

Colorectal cancer is the third cause of cancer death in the U.S. and more than 150,000 people are diagnosed each year.  Regular colorectal cancer screening or testing is one of the most powerful weapons for preventing colorectal cancer. 

The Kirkland Cancer Center, a service of Jackson-Madison County General Hospital, along with the West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation, is offering a free colorectal cancer screening at participating pharmacies in the area. Free hemoccult kits will be available for pick up at the Jackson-Madison County General Hospital pharmacy as well as many other pharmacies in surrounding towns March 1-15.  Click here for a list of participating pharmacies.

Most people should begin screening for colorectal cancer at the age of 50, unless you have a family history or other risk factors that may warrant a screening at an earlier age.

The hemoccult kits with stool samples must be mailed back to the Medical Center Lab by March 31.  Results will be mailed back to the sender.

For more information about this free colorectal screening that could save your life, contact the Kirkland Cancer Center, a service of Jackson-Madison County General Hospital, at 731-541-5087. For more information about the warning signs of colorectal cancer or prevention you may visit the American Cancer Society web page at or visit Colon Cancer Alliance at Click here for a free online assessment for your risk of colorectal cancer. 

The following is a list of participating Pharmacies

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