A football gift sent from Heaven

Justin Walters

NEWBERN, Tenn. - This Northview Middle School football player plays aggressive and hits hard just like everyone else with one minor exception.

She's a girl.

"I want to be the first NFL player because it would be cool to be the only girl," said Heaven Geisinger. "Nothing makes me fearful on the field."

Geisinger fell in love with the game of football because her older brother Jeremy. He told her how good her skills were and Heaven followed through with his advice.

"I was shocked at first, but it wasn't really surprising," said Tori Geisinger about her daughter playing the dangerous sport.

Heaven gets treated exactly the same in comparison to her teammates. The North View safety attends every practice and does not want special privileges.

"When I got popped in the chest during the game, the boys were worried about me," Geisinger said jokingly. "They said if they got hit that hard, they wouldn't be in there much longer."

Geisinger is fully committed to breaking down the obstacles that await her along her journey to play professionally. And it helps that she has unconditional support leading her to that ambition.

"The more anyone says she can't do it, she'll do it," said Tori.


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