Area Coaches Pleased with future TSSAA Classification

Greg Hammond

Area high school coaches appear to be pleased with the new classifications released by the TSSAA Wednesday.

The changes, which will take effect in July and last until 2017, will impact at least seven West Tennessee schools:

North Side 5A to 4A
Gibson Co. 3A to 2A
Humboldt 2A to 1A
Dresden 2A to 1A
Huntingdon 1A to 2A
Middleton 2A to1A

And non-football member Sacred Heart will move from DI to DII.

"No big change for us," said Humboldt head coach Dan Bland.

"We have been a 1A size school for three years and playing up in the playoffs. We will strap up and play wherever we are," Bland said.

Dresden head coach Keith Hodge had a similar reaction to the change.
We still play the same tough schedule. I don't see a big difference between 1A and 2A this year and it won't be a big difference next year," said Hodge.

"We look forward and hope to be very competitive in 1A," Hodge said.

Both Gibson Co. and Humboldt have seen a decrease in enrollment since the opening of South Gibson High School.

Pioneer head coach Morgan Cruce expected a change in class was in his team's future.

Cruce is working hard to get more students to participate in football.

While Gibson Co. moves down, Huntingdon is moving up.

"We are excited about the challenge," said Mustang head coach Eric Swenson.

"We will play where Bernard (Childress) puts us," said Swenson.


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