Bethel In-Line Hockey team captures National Title
Adam Wells

"Coming back we had the trophy with us which was interesting trying to get it on the flight and through security," Bethel Head Coach Matt Swenia said.

Getting their trophy back home was about the only problem the Bethel Wildcat In-Line Hockey team had last weekend. In two years of existence, the team that was once a dream captured a national title.

But even the man who started the program thought it would happen this quick.

"Never this quick, Swenia said. "I knew we had some great guys and I told people on campus we were good. I thought we had a little bit of growing to go though."

"Our first two games we lost then won 17 in a row," Goalie Ewan MacPherson said. "The possibility of a good year was there. Then we had more setbacks so you think this isn't the year. Then next thing you know the clock ticks down and you've won a national title."

During their run they beat some big named schools such as Ohio State, Eastern Michigan, then UNLV in the title game. They had more trouble though trying to explain where they were from.

"Countless times at a face off some would say where's Bethel and who are you," Forward Chris Roberts said. "Teams like Santa Barbara and here we are with a few thousand students thinking were not much of a show."

With the win the Roller Cats have already set the bar high. For now they can enjoy the win, but soon will be back in the rink ready to defend their title.

"I remember after the title game one of the guys came up to me and said you know what sucks is that we have to defend it next year," MacPherson said. "I quickly said you know what rocks is that we get to defend it next year. Once you get a taste of it you want more of it."


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