MCKENZIE, Tenn. - When Glenn Hayes stepped down as Bethel's Athletic Director at the end of June many were left wondering who would fill the big shoes Hayes left behind. On Thursday, that question was answered. "I was so involved with athletics and interacted with so many Athletic Directors that in the back of my mind I always wanted to be the AD at my Alma Mater Bethel University," New Athletic Director Dale Kelley said. Kelley's dream has finally come true as he takes control of the Bethel Athletic Department. As the current Mayor of Huntingdon he has spent many years in politics as well as the business and sports world. "Learning how to interact with people," Kelley said. "Learning how to make things happen. I think that gives me the opportunity to make good things happen here." The Bethel Alum is a member of four different sports Halls of Fame and was the head of officials in several major conference's. "His name and some things he has done and the person that he is," Bethel Baseball coach Rusty Thompson said. "You know of him before you meet him and that's a good thing and good for the school." "I'm confident with his leadership," Bethel Golf Coach Monte Cunningham said. "Don't mean to speak for other coaches but the ones I talk to are pleased with it." And Kelley is pleased with his coaches. "I want to make sure the enthusiasm of each coach has an impact on other coaches so were all in tandem and have a very positive impact on this University," Kelley said. Its an impact that not only will be felt by the university but all over the area. Bethel means a lot to me and this area," Kelley said. "Not just to McKenzie and Carroll County but to Henry, Weakley, Obion even Gibson. This whole area of the state."