Double Duty: Prep Football player/boxer helping coach at Jackson Boxing Club

Spearman trims workout to help younger boxers

Greg Hammond

JACKSON, Tenn.- N’Dira Spearman is accustomed to double duty. Spearman, or "Paco" as he is known to his friends, plays both offense and defense for the North Side Indians.

Boxing at Golden Gloves Arena stretches his schedule, but Spearman knows the Jackson Boxing Club needs him just as much as the high school football team.

“I can’t think about myself. I got to think about the younger kids that are trying to compete,” Spearman said.

Spearman and fellow senior boxer, DeAndre Woods have been asked to help long time club coach and owner Rayford Collins as the workload is becoming a challenge for the 74-year-old Hall of Famer.

“Not as fun as it was,” said Collins.

“It’s stressful for me right now,” said Collins.

Steve Howe was named head coach in June, but has since moved to join the Dresden Police Department.

And so Spearman, who is 17, spends part of his time at the club as a coach.

“I get half a workout in and spend my time with them trying to get them better so they can do some of the things and go some of the places I've been,” said Spearman.

And if the younger fighters do nOt learn anything else from Spearman, they will have at least learned to lead by example.

“Boxing is, you got to be dedicated, just like you got to be dedicated in school. You got to come down here and put the work in everyday. It's repetition,” said Spearman.

As the Indians have a bye-week, Spearman will use any extra time this week to prepare for the season opening boxing matches on Saturday.

“Didn’t nobody say I had to come down here and coach, but that’s the footsteps I’ve been laid in. So that’s what I do. I pick the slack up and try to help some of the younger kids,” said Spearman.


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