Dragons different approach to Media Day

Justin Walters

JACKSON, Tenn. - Lane college's football team has been waiting all summer to hit the field again.

"We fell short at the end of last season. We don't want to feel the same way," said junior Dwayne Brown.

Ready to show off their skills, the team gave the media a preview on both sides of the ball during media day.

"We're so close to being a really good football team. We've been so young in the past. We just didn't know how to finish," said head coach Malik Hoskins.

Discipline is a primary focus for the first year head coach. The Mississippi native is new to the title, but not to the sidelines. He's been a part of the Dragons' coaching squad for the past six years.

"Actually, I get up every morning and I feel exactly the same. Just a different title," said Hoskins.

Hoskin's players already have big plans for his first year at the helm.

"Undefeated season, yeah an undefeated season," said senior Duke Coleman.

Last season, the Dragons finished 6-4. Hoskins, then an offensive coordinator, led Lane to several number offensive rankings in the SIAC.

"They've got the physical. Just working on the mental aspect. Putting them in certain situations that require them to think," said Hoskins.

Situations like Saturday's team scrimmage is what Hoskins and his coaching staff says will help this team have a better season.

"It just doesn't happen on Saturday. Something that's worked on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We just have a better understating of the game."


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