Mariners top prospect looks at the big picture

Justin Walters

Douglas Anthony Peterson Junior's first steps were with a bat in his hand. His first word was ball.

By 18 months, Peterson was swinging for the fences.

"Guess it [underhanded] was too slow so my dad started to throw it over hand in diapers," said Peterson.

Peterson's early introduction has earned the 22-year old the title of number two prospect for the Seattle Mariners. But there are still doubters.

"Everyone told me you're not going to be a good enough third baseman. Just not there now."

The University of New Mexico product has adapted quickly after being called up to the Jackson Generals.

He has a hit in 14 of his 15 games, along with a few homeruns.

"He just knows what he's doing at the plate. He got some work to do offensively. He works his fanny off. He wants to play third base in the big leagues. He wants to play in the big leagues period," explained Jackson Generals manager Jim Horner.

For now West Tennessee is Peterson's home and it's taking a little adjusting.

"It's way different. The humidity. It's not just hot. You walk outside and you start sweating," laughed Peterson.

Paterson says he isn't in a rush to jump to the majors. He has plenty to focus on right now.

"Enjoy the game that I love and show the organization that I'm developing and getting better. Getting to be that product that they want me to be at the upper levels."


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