Mess into Message; Inky Johnson Visits the Ballpark

Justin Walters

JACKSON, Tenn. -- Former Tennessee football player Inky Johnson is very familiar with adversity.

It was during a college football game at Neyland Stadium, Johnson suffered a career ending injury.

"All glory goes to God. With the things that I've been through, it's a privilege and honor to share that with other people," said Johnson, who's right arm is completely paralyzed.

Johnson brought his wisdom to West Tennessee on Wednesday evening as a part of the Jackson Generals "Faith Night."

"Mess into a message, test into a testimony. The trials and triumphs because we all go through things. It's not so much about what we go through, but how we view what we go through," explained Johnson.

Just like every kid, Johnson had aspirations to play professional sports. He says it's funny how everything works out.

"I never for one second thought I would be doing what I'm doing now. But as we know, God's plan is always greater than ours. If it was up to me, I would be in the NFL, but God had other plans."


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