The Bargers: A Family Tradition

Adam Wells

Every morning David and Dawn Barger head to work. But instead of going their separate ways, they head to Lake County High School. David is the head coach for the Falcon football team while Dawn coaches the men's basketball team.

"Not many get to work with their wives everyday and we see each other at school every day," David Barger said. "We work with the same kids and were able to work together all summer."

"Dealing with the same situations whether its football or basketball, I know his kids just as well," Dawn Barger said. "I try to stay on top of them when they're not working hard. So it helps us both being here.

From 2003 to 2006 the Bargers lived in Tiptonville, but then moved closer to their families in Chattanooga. After a few years they began to realize just where they belonged.

"There is nothing like the community that gets behind their sports programs both football and basketball," David said. "Its a great place to teach and coach. Were back home now. Were back."

David took over the football team. Then last year after coaching at the Middle School, Dawn joined him on the High School level. In her first year she made history by becoming the first ever female coach to win a State Title in boys basketball.

"I don't let it impact me on a daily basis and think I'm the only woman to do it," Dawn said. "I'm not even sure if I am or not but if I sit back and think about that maybe I've started a path. I'm proud of that."

She was able to turn a team into a champion. Something David is trying to do on the gridiron. Now he has even more motivation.

"I have my wall of fame up already," Dawn said. "There's a side wall that I have the trophy and picture and letter from Josh Pastner on my wall. My little tribute to the championship. So he has to see that everyday."

Coaching runs in the family. So its only a matter of time before their son Devon gets involved.

"Hes probably going to play soccer," Dawn said.

"He may be a soccer player, baseball guy, and a lot of people ask and when hes ready to play sports he'll let us know," David said.

As for the future. The Bargers see themselves right where they are. In Lake County, coaching.


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