Union Golf prepares for National Tournament

Adam Wells

As the Union Bulldog Golf team travels to the National Tournament, they do so on the heals of one of the best seasons in school history. 7 wins in 13 tournaments have propelled the Bulldogs to a Conference Championship and their second straight National Tournament. For Head Coach Andy Rushing it's the teams experience that has them ready.

"I don't prepare them. They prepare themselves," Coach rushing said. "The experience they have prepares them and we have won and won 12 times in two years. Winning breeds confidence. You get used to winning you expect to win and they said that and we expect to win on the course."

They've won with the help from a talented group of underclassmen, led by Brett Berry, who was named this years Transouth Conference Player of the Year. And the teams chemistry has never been better.

"Our chemistry is fantastic," Berry said. "Last year we had a great team with a lot of leadership and fun guys that excited the program but our freshman have geld together. I don't have anymore fun that when I'm on the bus with they guys. In the end it's a group of guys that I have to play well for and deliver because they mean that much to me."

With the youth sometimes comes immaturity, but for Union they also have a group of Seniors who have led by example.

"This year were really told the guys, especially the young guys that coming to a course and feeling like the best team out there and being confident isn't arrogance," Senior Micah Gentle said. "But believing in yourselves and trust in practice that what you've done is enough and your on a team that has every right to win."

This year they are looking for redemption. In last years National Tournament the Bulldogs didn't make the cut. So this year they are doing what all golfers go after a bad shot. Forget.

"Mark Twain said that the inability to forget is more than the inability to remember.,"Gentle said. "To a golfer he has to forget the past or a bad shot because you only control one shot at a time."

"Winning will come," Berry said. "That's out of our hands and we control what we control. That's how we play. We have to battle the course and opponents. I know if we play well we can win any tournament we play in."

"Someone asked me the other day if a Top 20 finish was good," Coach Rushing said. "I said if I had a goal other than winning the whole thing it would be to play in the last group on Friday."


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