Money Ball: Impact of Current Football Format on Area Prep Team

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There will be winners and losers on football fields during Friday night competitions this fall.

There were also winners and losers when the TSSAA voted to keep the current classification format of playoff six classes.

Martin Westview could be considered one of the losers. The Chargers compete in the 10 team 13-AA district.

The Chargers are losing financially.

"From a competitive stand point, their good schools, good teams and good games and we enjoy that part,” said Westview head coach Don Coady when asked about district 13-AA.

“But one of the main selling points of the six classification format was to reduce travel," said Westview head coach Don Coady.

Coady said Westview's regular season travel tripled over the last two years.

They're also losing out at the gate in the six classifications

"We dropped games with Trenton and Humboldt and picked up games with Covington, Ripley and Dyersburg," said Coady.

"When you play somebody 100 miles away you're not going to get the home attendance that you would for somebody right down the road," said Coady.

Ripley High School, one of Westview’s district opponents, is located more than 70 miles away from Martin.

Covington, a possible district foe for Westview next year, is located more than 80 miles away from Martin.

Westview has taken a financial hit due to smaller visitor attendance during certain matchups. The loss could mean fewer new materials, but Coady said the school will make sure the players have good safe equipment.

Coady, who is entering his 22nd year as head coach at Westview, said they'll have to cut down on extras and be more concerned about how the team spends its funds.


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