Prather offers inspiration to campers

Justin Walters

JACKSON, Tenn.-The nation may know him as a Florida Gator, but Casey Prather was a North Side Indian first.

On Friday, the hometown standout rocked the rim at the reservation by mentoring kids in preparation for the next chapter in his basketball journey.

"I like having that responsibility. Have my city looking up to me. Having my city root for me," said Prather.

With a degree in family, youth and community service from the University of Florida, the lead scoring Gator has already made West Tennessee proud.

"We have other guys like me, who can play basketball and football. They just haven't gotten a look yet but you know it's going to come," explained Prather.

Prather told Friday's campers basketball is all about the space between your head.

That mindset is what Prather says helped him get more time on the court in college and what he hopes will help him further his basketball dreams.

"I'm going to go to the summer league. Hopefully I get picked up from a team there. If not, I can go overseas or to the D-league."

Prather has already worked out for 11 NBA teams and is waiting for a call.

The real goal in his eyes is paving the way for kids in his community.

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