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USJ vs Humboldt Scrimmage Game

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JACKSON, Tenn.-The University School of Jackson and Humboldt gathered Thursday for a football preseason scrimmage.

During preseason scrimmages, schools are allowed to compete with other schools in non-pad action.

The Humboldt Vikings are entering this season with first-year head Coach Junior Reid, while the bruins will be under the direction of Coach Mickey Marley for the 25th year.

"We take a lot of pride in what we do and our kids take a lot of pride in what we do. I don't have a crystal ball, but our goals don't change, they don't change. Work as hard as you can, as far as the season goes. It's get out there and win every game," said USJ head football Coach
Mickey Marley.

USJ will return to field for another scrimmage against North Side Friday morning.


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