Dragons Protest in Favor for Coach Hoskins

Justin Walters

JACKSON, Tenn. - Lane College's football team gave Interim President Glenn Vaulx one simple message on Friday: Name offensive coordinator Malik Hoskins head coach or we withdraw from the school.

Gregory Moore, a senior wide receiver at Lane, organized Friday's protest. In his hands was a proposal signed by 106 Dragons.

"If we don't see action by Wednesday, there will be another form of action by us," Moore said.

"Withdrawal forms are a serious statement. We were letting it be known that this is not a joke or game," further explained Moore.

The man who the protest is for says that the team's perseverance is admirable, but risky.

"I'm not worth you not getting a degree. Stand on what you believe, but just know I can love you from wherever I am," Hoskins said.

Players say that naming Hoskins interim head coach isn't enough; they want him officially hired for the job.

"Right now, the only coach that has expressed an interest is coach Hoskins, and that's where I stand," Vaulx said.

The football team listened to Vaulx's message, but they say they want to see action.

"We all believe that Coach Hoskins should be and is the right man for the job," defensive back Jack Howard said.

"We're going to see what he does but if we don't see action by within the next couple of days (by Wednesday, Thursday or Friday), we will make more forms of action," Chris Rini said, SIAC Player and Offensive Player of the Year.

Hoskins says he knew nothing about Fridays protest gathering, but would be honored if awarded the head coaching position.

"I would love to be around and to see the fruits of our labor," Hoskins said. "They're just passionate about it. It's overwhelming to see the support I have from them."

Lane College finished 6-4 this season along with ranking first in offense in the SIAC. Lane's offense was ranked last in the conference last season.


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