Keen Homeschooler Scores Goal In A Special Way

Justin Walters

HURON, Tenn. - Soccer and school are one in the same for Caitlin Casey. Casey has never actually gone to high school though.

"Home schooled is the best school. I don't have to deal with cafeteria food, don't have to deal with bullies and I can wear whatever I want," said Casey.

Casey's soccer work ethic parallels with her studies. She always wants to do more than expected.

"I don't do anything halfway whether its my school work, choir or soccer. I give it my all. I just so happen to live soccer so I give it more."

Travel soccer is the only soccer Casey knows. In the ultimate team sport, Casey finds her herself practicing alone in the fall.

"I don't compare myself to others. That's not how I improve. I compare myself to what i was yesterday," says the 17-year old.

Despite being unable to compete at the high school level, Casey doesn't believe her teammates have a leg up on her.

As a member of the Jackson Lady Wolves, Casey has garnered two state championships. The soccer standout was also selected to play on the national super club team (18 & under) in England.

Casey remembers receiving that call, like it was yesterday, to represent her country.

"How did you even hear about me; I really do think it was a God thing."

Always with dreams to play in college, Casey's transition would be easier than she thought. Her former club coach would come calling.

"Anytime we look at kids to join our program. We want good kids with high character who want to improve and get better," said Cumberland University head soccer coach Gavin McKinney. "I think Caitlin is a kid that posses those traits."

Although very familiar with coach MckInney's coaching style, Casey plans to earn her playing time.

"I know a little bit of what he expects. And even if I didn't know him, I'm the type of person that would work until I gain his approval," explained Casey.

With a rare path to Cumberland University, Casey credits her blessings to her Lord and Savior.

Casey hopes after school she can represent her country again, playing the sport she loves.

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