Local Football Coaches Unite as One

Justin Walters

JACKSON, Tenn. - It's the one time of the year, the local football coaches from the Jackson area join forces for the same cause.

The Jackson Exchange Club invited varsity high school coaches for an annual lunch. The continued tradition brought both local and private school coaches to the gathering.

"It's always a good event," said Trinity head football coach Blake Butler. "It's something we [coaches] look forward to coming to."

The annual event featured a few jokes from every present coach, in addition to a synopsis of the upcoming season.

"Playing with a new quarterback is like playing Madden," said JCM head coach Orentheus Taylor who explained the difficulties of his star quarterback being hurt. "By me saying that, you can tell I'm the youngest coach here."

Outside of the few chuckles shared, every coach agreed the importance of molding their young players for life off the field. South Side head coach Jason Driggers even coined the local football coaches as a fraternity.

In weeks to come, these coaches will be on opposing sidelines, but the Jackson Exchange club allowed them all to come together and share their common life lessons.


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