Southern Extreme Has Unfinished Business at Nationals

Justin Walters

JACKSON, Tenn. - Southern Extreme All Stars represent more than just dances, cheers, flips and toe touches. The Big Blue Storm embodies discipline and talent in one.

"We do bring a different flair, we're from the south," says program director Travis Franklin. "When we go to competitions in the North, they're like who's that team."

Southern Extreme coaches, like Franklin, train athletes from ages four to 18. Every practice is treated like a full-time job.

"We push technique a lot. That's why we finish at some of the places we do. We place at some of the biggest competitions in the United States in the high ranks," explains Franklin.

Next up for the Big Blue Storm is CheerSport Nationals this weekend, the largest cheer and dance competition there is.

"They know who we are. We know who they are. We're not going to back down from them."

Although Franklin admits to wanting avenge last year's second place finish, he tells his team not to let a trophy dictate who they are.

"We earn a trophy here. Whether we get there and earn a trophy, it's all about having fun on the floor and putting their heart on the floor."


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