West Tennessee Couple Creates Cedar Grove Opry

Cyndi Lundeberg

CARROL COUNTY, Tenn. - Out of their own pockets Mike and Mena Roby purchased an almost century year old church, they say they purchased a church to create a celebration of music.

"It's this very type of place I hope plants a seed in young people today that want to continue the tradition of blue grass," Mike Roby said.

The Roby's have spent the past two decades planning and the past four months renovating the inside of an old Presbyterian church in the hopes of turning it into a music hall.

Musician Steve Patterson played at the events grand opening. He says this type of venue will become a true community for Carroll County.

"We're out in rural carrol county not a whole lot of anything here, so I think it's just gunna be a melting pot of neighbors and friends," he said.

The Roby's say they wanted to create a place to keep youth in West Tennessee on the right track while also celebrating the rich music history of the area.

"That's the whole premise behind this is to have fun. Good family wholesome entertainment. I think our society is begging for that," Patterson said.

The Roby's encourage anyone who wants to use the Cedar Grove Opry to contact them on their Cedar Grove Opry page.

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