West TN Football Players Readying for NFL Draft

Joe Sullivan

JACKSON, Tenn. – Two area football players are working hard to get ready for the upcoming NFL Draft.

Vernon Kearney will graduate from Lane College in late April. He hopes his first job out of college will be as a cornerback for a National Football League team.

Kearney said that the first step to being ready for a new job is to step up to the dinner plate. "Right now I'm gaining weight. I am on a strict diet. I have to eat a lot of meals, potatoes, things of that nature. A lot of protein shakes and healthy vitamins," he said.

Alex Matlock is big man on campus at Bethel University. The 303 lb. offensive guard and center has just returned from working out for NFL teams at a combine in Texas.

"Every day from December up until even today just grinding it out as hard as you can pushing your body to failure," Matlock said.

Kearney and Matlock work out together four days a week at Solus Performance Training in Jackson, getting bigger, stronger and faster.

Leading up to the National Football League Draft there are no days off for Alex or Vernon. They hope their hard work pays off with the opportunity to play in the NFL.

Kearney is projected to be drafted in the sixth or seventh round. Recently, he visited the Kansas City Chiefs.

Kearney said, "Those guys were cool. They were just telling me about how it is and you have to work hard. I met with the coaches they like me a lot and I am just ready to work and prove myself."

The Tennessee Titans are one of the teams that seem interested in Matlock. "It's very tough, people think you come in and work out a little bit and rely on athletic ability. No, hard work they are mistaken," Matlock stated.

The NFL Draft begins April 25th in New York.


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