Stormy Pattern This Week.

Weather Update 10:57 PM CDT

We enjoyed a brief break for the storms for Memorial Day. Storms will be on the increase as we go through this week.

Tonight will be the highlight day of the week with temperatures falling into the low 60s overnight. Should be an overall pleasant evening with humidity low for at least tonight.

Temperatures won’t move much this week. It will feature temps in the 80s for highs and 60s for the low all week. We will gradually bring more moisture to the table as the week rolls along. The chance for rain will increase as a result as well. By Friday scattered storms will probably be a good part of the day. With a slow moving system moving from the southern Plains, it may be late Saturday into Sunday before we get a chance to dry out. Not a very pretty looking end to the week. There is time for it to change though.

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