Gates Drainage Repaired

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After cleaning the drains on his streets during hard rains for over a year, Ben Hughes is hoping when the predicted rains come through tomorrow, his drains will function properly. He says after our original story aired on February 28th of this year. “It’s flowing nicely though… all they got to do is come back and replace our inlets, which we should get brand new drain covers,” says Hughes. Hughes says he seen very little back-up with small rains, but tomorrow will be the true test. “They did a little work over here behind the store, which they dug a five foot whole, cleaned out the drain that was stopped up… now it drains but the drain system is not perfect yet,” says Hughes. “I hope it’s better than it’s been,” says James Gill, Hughes neighbor of 10 years. Gill says he excited about the work the city has done.

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