Bobo Search Enters Second Day

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For a second day, the whereabouts of Holly Bobo are unknown. The Decatur County 20-year-old was abducted from her home near Parsons, Wednesday morning and still no solid clues to where she might be. More than 400 volunteers from as far away as Alabama have spent the past day and a half combing a five mile radius around Bobo’s home in the Darden community. Investigators said they are getting some information which is helping, including some from Bobo’s brother who was at home when investigators said the man dressed in camouflage grabbed her and dragged her into some nearby woods. “The brother has been very helpful to us and the family has been very helpful, said John Mehr, agent in charge with the TBI. “The brother is the one that called 911 and the mother has reached out to someone to call 911.” Investigators said they will continue to actively search for Bobo until there is a solid reason to believe that a continued search effort would not be useful. Meanwhile, for the first time, Holly Bobo’s family spoke to the media as they pleaded for help in finding their daughter. Dana and Karen Bobo said they can not imaging who would do this to their daughter and family. However, they believe it was someone who knew Holly’s schedule well enough to know when she usually leaves her home in the Darden community of Decatur County. Thursday, they spoke directly to Holly in hopes that she was watching. ” Holly, I love you, so much. Please, please, try to get home to us. If anybody knows anything about her, please, please help us find her. She’s just so precious, you just don’t even know,” said Karen Bobo, Holly’s mother. A $25,000 reward is being offered by the TBI and community members, for information as to Bobo’s whereabouts, call 1-800-TBI-FIND or the Decatur County Sheriff’s Department at (731) 852-3714.

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