Search for Bobo Continues into Day 5

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As we enter day five of the search for Decatur County nursing student, Holly Bobo, there are new details about blood found outside the Bobo home, as well as an expanded search area and new details about a possible suspect that may be moving through the county. “We need people in the Parsons community to think back to last Wednesday morning between 7:40 a.m and 8:00 a.m., when Holly disappeared. Think about somebody you know that was wearing camouflage, whose whereabouts were unaccounted for, that person may have missed work or appointments on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday of last week. Unexpectedly, this man would also maybe cleaned out a car, reported a vehicle or ATV stolen, excessively cleaned an ATV or hidden it a secure storage area, some unusual behavior regarding a vehicle or an ATV vehicle. This person may be acting with increased anxiety and stress or does not have their normal demeanor or routine,” said Kristin Helm, Public Information Officer for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Investigators say while the Bobo family has been cooperative in the search for Holly, no one at this point has been ruled out as a suspect. “We actually had physical search teams and volunteers looking for clues and evidence between I-40 and Gooch Road in Decatur County , as well as, Natchez Trace State Park in Henderson County and a business district along I-40,” added Helm. Helm said they are doubtful the suspect has remained on foot. She says they have investigative clues that point to movement in the Decatur County area. Law enforcement said so far they have received more than 250 leads that have been looked into or are currently being looked into. “There was a small amount of blood outside the home, that blood was collected by our Violent Crimes Response Team and was taken to the Memphis Crime Lab for analyzing. No results are in as of yet,” said Helm. Helm said with more than 900 volunteers searching, they’re finding a lot of items. “They’re going to find some that’s trash, they may find some things that are related to the investigation…things that law enforcement needs to…go through to see which things are related to the case and which are not….we do think some things are related to the case, but we’re not going to disclose at this time,” said Helm. According to Helm the suspect is most likely a resident of the community. For live updates on the latest in the search for Holly Bobo follow ABC-7 Anchor Will Nunley (@willnunley) on Twitter.

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