Bobo Search: 1 Week Later

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One week after 20-year old college student, Holly Bobo, went missing and although eager to push on, law enforcement says the willing volunteers are showing signs of fatigue. You can tell they get tired and sometimes maybe careless, we’ve had a few minor injuries,” said Lt. Brad Wilbanks of the Tennessee Highway Patrol. Investigators say even with inclement weather last night, more than 200 volunteers came out to search, today. “We’re going on little sleep, you go to bed at night, you’re really tired and you think well can we get up and go again, but the lord provides,” said volunteer, Cindy Chumney. Chumney says the majority of people volunteering have children or grandchildren, but know they would want the same if it were their child missing. “Tomorrow we’re going to ask for no volunteers, all the agencies involved, we’re going to get together and revisit everywhere, we’re going to have a brand new map ready to go Friday morning,” said Lt. Wilbanks. Lt. Wilbanks said they’ll need up to 1500 volunteers Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, as they focus their search efforts around the wooded Henderson and Carroll Counties area near I-40. Wilbanks said the day of rest will hopefully help prevent further injuries to volunteers. He said one volunteer was caught by a cable today and had an abrasion to her neck.

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