Bobo T-shirts Available

There is a new way you can show your support in the search for missing nursing student Holly Bobo. Amerawear in Lexington has been asked by the Bobo family to print t-shirts. The company said it is receiving between 300 to 500 calls a day for the shirts. Workers said they cannot seem to print enough to keep up with demand. The shirt reads “Pray for Holly’s Safe Return” on the back and has a pink ribbon on the front along with Bobo’s name. “We’re going to print one thousand more t-shirts Thursday and hopefully we’ll be able to continue this until we have sold enough to cover the reward the family has offered,” said Steve Hinson of Amerawear. All of the proceeds from the sale of the shirt will go to fund the reward the family has established and any remaining money raised will go to the family. The shirts range from $12 to $15 and are available at Parsons Florist in Parsons.

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