Henry County Sex Offender Compliance Check

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Several Henry County sex offenders were placed in handcuffs after deputies made a surprise visit. Officers in Henry County teamed up with one goal. To knock on the doors of all 76 sex offenders. Nine teams with at least three officers headed by the sheriff’s department carried on the mission. “We go to their address early in the morning we check their residence to make sure they are reporting the proper address to us, we make sure we’ve got current information,” said Sheriff Monte Belew. “What were you convicted of sir? I touched my 15 year old granddaughter,” said one of the sex offenders, when questioned by Sheriff Belew. Deputies said the rules for what each sex offender can and can not do now. Varies by their offense, that is why it is important for officers to keep their registration current. “Some of them can’t have children in their house, some of them can’t live with in so many feet of a park and a church or playground. Certain sex offenders have stipulations,” said Sheriff Belew. Stipulations that seven offenders violated, leading officers to ask more questions. When deputies learned sex offender Nick Blaylock was not living where he was registered, they made a quick visit to his job, and minutes later, Blaylock was under arrest. “You have the right to remain silent, anything you say will be used against you in the court of law,” quoted Sheriff Belew.

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