Storm Damages Dyersburg Golf Course, Business

Storms hit northwest Tennessee late, Tuesday night, tearing through Dyer County just before midnight. Several businesses in Dyersburg were damaged because of the severe thunderstorms that raced across the area. One business owner said glass from his front window was blown down the street for two blocks. Engineers were called in to check the structural integrity of the building after sheet rock was literally sucked from the walls. After a close inspection the building was deemed safe. “There’s not water that was brought through. There’s no break anywhere else in the ceiling or in the roof, said Mark Oakes, a downtown Dyersburg business owner. “There’s no cavity opened up where air would have pushed through, it is more likely sucked out from a change in pressure.” Oakes said he will have to relocate while repairs are being made to the building, but his business will remain open. Meanwhile, the same storm system is believed to have cause damage to the Dyersburg Municipal Golf Course. Numerous trees were reported down all over the course. Also, the high winds are believed to have destroyed a pump house and various landscaping supplies inside. Leaders said this spring’s round-after-round of severe weather is creating havoc in maintaining the golf course. “It seems like once you get something repaired from one storm, why then you have another one come through. But we’re managing to keep on top of it,” said Bobby Baker, superintendent of the Dyersburg Municipal Golf Course. Even with the damage, the course remained open as die hard golfers hit the links for a few rounds, Wednesday morning.

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