Bobo Search Resumes

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As the search for Holly Bobo resumed on Good Friday, volunteers wasted no time heading back to the fairgrounds resulting in the best turnout all week. Local Law Enforcement said Thursday gave them a day to regroup and analyze plans for the search. They tell us the upcoming weekend’s search will continue to focus on high interest areas throughout the county. This time is especially difficult on Holly’s church family according to her Pastor, Don Franks. He says he’s been hesitant to make any official plans as to how to handle the Easter Sunday service because he hopes she will be back by then. “We hope that somehow the heart of the person will be touched that’s responsible and he’ll turn Holly loose and we can get her back.” Even as the Holiday is upon the community, Lieutenant Brad Wilbanks says this is no time for rest. “Everyone I’ve spoke to so far, they’re gonna be here to help. I understand if you’ve got family plans. I’ve called my mother. This will be the first Sunday I’ve never sat by her on Easter. I won’t be there. But she told me to be here,” said Lieutenant Wilbanks. Pastor Franks says the whole community is invited to the church’s special sunrise service this Sunday morning starting at 6:30 at the fairgrounds in Decatur County, which will be dedicated to Holly.

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