Henning Post Office Reopens

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Police escorts for employees and security cameras are some of the visible changes to the Henning Post Office. Thursday was the first time the federal building opened their doors for the first time since Paula Robinson and Judy Spray were murdered there last October. “To have something like that so traumatic to happen here and to open up now, it just seems too soon,” said Cathi Spicer who lives in Lauderdale county. People are no longer forced to use a mobile post office that once sat on this vacant lot. Now they can check their mail at their leisure. “A set time to close, if you don’t make it there in time you don’t get your mail that day,” said Henry Norfolk, who lives in Henning. District manager Greg Gamble of the postal service thanked the community for their support through a written statement Thursday. Still community members wish more would have been done sooner. “The security camera and everything should’ve been put in place a long time ago since this is a federal building,” explained Rhonda Morrow, who also lives in Henning. And according to many in this town, a strange feeling still seems to float around. “It’s eerie, it’s still kinda mind boggling what happen, glad its open but a bitter sweet thing,” said Morrow. But even with added security and a remodeled building, not everyone can step back into this office. “No, no I would go to Ripley, I will not,” said Spicer.

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