Site Saves West Tennesseans

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It is a locally launched website that benefits local West Tennesseans and local businesses. if it sounds too good to be true, It is not. It is Drew Ermenc’s, “It’s looking for ways to save a couple of dollars to try new things, and maybe develop some loyalty to some new businesses here in town,” said Ermenc. The new site, which is free to register, offers discount coupons. Whether it is a tanning package or a tire rotation, SnagMob helps West Tennessee residents and businesses find each other at a bargain price. “With the economy and rise of gas and a lot of things going up – it’s getting to be where more people, no matter what age group are getting targeted into that now,” said King Tire manager, Curt King. “It’s feeding our top-of-mind awareness to our customer base out there which is local,” said Gold’s Gym owner and general manager, Steve Roten. “I think now days everyone is a bargain shopper.” The bargains are an investment that local business managers say has paid off for customers both in and out of the Hub City. “Our city has a lot of retail that comes from outside of the city,” said King. “So I think it’s good for the city – you’ve got discounts ranging from whatever: restaurants to places like King Tire to all over. So it’s just a good thing for everybody.”

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