Educator of the Week – Phillips

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Madison Academic Magnet High School history teacher Gale Phillips says her students are the whole reason she’s a teacher. “Most of our kids are so smart and they’re so interested in education – that it makes it such an easy job to teach students that love to learn,” said Phillips. And while they love to learn, she loves to teach. History is a subject she’s always had a passion for. “Ever since I was a kid, I just loved history,” said Phillips. “And so teaching history is not – it doesn’t seem like a chore because I just love talking about it.” This educator hopes her students will take away lessons that go beyond the textbooks. “History can repeat itself,” said Phillips. “And if we don’t learn from history – you know that old saying you’re doomed to repeat it. So there’s a lot of things that we can learn from history that can help us not just as a nation and a world, but even in their individual lives. If they can learn from the mistakes or the success of others – either way – then they can emulate that or avoid it.” And Phillips’ success is certainly something from which they can learn. “There are a lot of complicated philosophies out there about how to teach and what to do when you’re teaching,” said Phillips. “But mine has always just been real simple: just be the kind of teacher that I want my own children to have.”

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