Educator of the Week – Sarina Cagle

Parris South Elementary School second grade teacher Sarina Cagle has a lot of energy. “I am one of those people. I can’t sit still,” said Cagle. “Well, I know if I can’t sit still, they can’t sit still.” And so they dance. An avid zumba-goer, Cagle says she uses dancing as a reward system. “I bring it here to them,” said Cagle. “It always just makes me feel better just to get up instead of just sitting here working constantly.” It’s an experience that this educator says she never had when she was younger. “When I was at school, I hated school,” said Cagle. “Because our teachers were not like they are now. They were very strict, you had to stay in your seats, they didn’t use manipulatives. I mean, it was boring.” Cagle’s classroom is anything but boring. And she hopes to have they same influence on her kids even after they move on. “Just because they leave my room doesn’t mean I forget them,” said Cagle. “I just… I can’t forget them.”

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