2010 Flood Victims Worry About Rising Waters

This video is no longer available.

Those who experienced flooding from the Obion River in Gibson County in 2010 are worried about what could happen this year. Residents who live in Milan already have rising waters surround their homes. One family said their home was rebuilt on a soil and block foundation abut four to five feet higher than before. The family said they are ready this time, keeping an eye on the rising waters while making plans to more the rest of their belongings and get away from another flood. “We’re just playing the waiting game right now to see if it’s going to keep on coming up,” said Rev. Robert Waddle, one area homeowner. “We’ve got everything pretty well prepared this time. First time was enough for us. This time we’ve got everything prepared now. “Got stuff off the floor and picked up and just praying to god that it’s not going to come in the house this time,” said Irene Waddle, wife of Robert Waddle. The Waddles said the water looks to be rising about an inch or two per hour.

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