McNairy County Considers Putting Deputies in Schools

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A McNairy County mother says she feels a student received a ‘slap on the wrist’ from a judge after he allegedly stabbed her son while at school. “Counseling was one of the biggest things we asked for….and he didn’t get that,” said Melissa Smith, mother of the victim. The Smiths say they decided to press charges after the district expelled the student, which prompted his parents to withdraw him from the high school. This all happens right on the heel of discussions about implementation of a School Resource Officer for both McNairy County High schools. It’s a program found in many schools throughout the country. Supporters say they hope the officer will provide both a law enforcement presence and a role model for students. “I don’t believe we’re in an incident where based on anything that has happened here in the county that we’re responding to go in there and stop violence in the schools,” said Sheriff Guy Buck of McNairy County. Sheriff Buck said even with the officer in place, crime can’t be policed out of schools. He says the difference would be in the response time after incidents. “I feel he’s a good boy who needs help. That’s my main concern for this child. I don’t want to see him do something worst in the future,” said Melissa Smith.

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