Union City Men Arrested in Tipton Co. After Chase

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Three Tipton County deputies are recovering after nearly being run over by a man they were trying to arrest Wednesday night. Investigators say the man and his step son were trying to pass phony prescriptions at an area drug store when things turned dangerous. A rap sheet of nearly 30 feet, all for Danny Allen, 38, or better known to Tipton County Sheriff, Pancho Chumley, as a wild animal. Sheriff Chumley, adds, “Where does it stop? This guy needs to be out of society. Apparently he can’t live among people who want to do right.” Since 1992, Allen’s record shows charges ranging from identity theft to burglary, and now two counts of aggravated assault on Tipton County sheriff’s deputies, and here is why. Allen and his step son, Terry Jacob Rushing, 20, allegedly stole a prescription pad from a Union City doctor, then came to Covington to pass the forged prescriptions at Walgreen’s. Deputies caught wind of the repeat offenders, tried to approach them outside, and when the father-step son duo tried to make a run for it, deputies say they took Rushing down on the parking lot, and Allen jumped in his running vehicle. Sheriff Chumley, says, “My officers were trying to get him out of the vehicle and that’s where one of them was basically drug for a little ways and could have been killed. Another one of my narcotics officers came around the back of the vehicle and almost backed over him. He could have been killed very easily.” But Luckily he was not, Sheriff Chumley, says, Allen threw the car in reverse so fast the tires squealed. He then lead officers on a high speed chase that ended about fifteen minutes later in Haywood County, where he wrecked.

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