Ditch Eroding in Northwest Jackson

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One homeowner in northeast Madison County is worried if a nearby creek continues to erode, she will no longer have a backyard. Homeowner Tangela Turner said since April of last year, the creek behind her home has gotten bigger and bigger with each heavy rainfall. Now, trees line the monstrous ditch, which Turner said is about 30 feet deep. She said she called the county Mayor, who told her the Tennessee River Basin had been notified. However, no one has ever come to survey the problem, leaving her nervous about what could happen the next time it rains. “Actually, it’s devastating because every time it rains, I just wonder what it’s going to look like now, said Tangela Turner, the homeowner. “You know, how bad is it going to erode and is it really worth it because my property value has gone down since these storms have started happening.” Turner tried to call the Tennessee River Basin, who told her they would call her back Monday about the problem.

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