Educator of the Week – Fowler

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Malesus Elementary School Pre-K teacher, Gay Fowler, says she loves watching her little ones learn. “They grow socially and academically,” said Fowler. “Some of these children – I teach Pre-K – have never been away from home before.” And because it’s their first year in school, Fowler says she’s creating a foundation. “Try to make it as fun as possible. They are learning through fun activities,” said Fowler. “They love to be read to – this group really does. And if they can sing something, then they can remember it.” And from days of the week to months of the year, her students have plenty to remember. But this educator says friendship is the most important. “They have learned to be friends, to make friends, to be nice to each other and respectful of each other, and to have nice manners,” said Fowler. “They’re just all so special.”

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