Lake County Floods

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For the small Mooring community in Lake County, farming is a way a life. However, residents now have to accept the fact it could soon be underwater. “All but about 50 acres of farm is behind this levee,” said Mooring resident, Sherry Burkett Johnson. The levee is the only thing protecting hundreds of acres of farmland from the swelling Mississippi River and if it breaks, “God only knows, it would flood the whole county,” said Earl Johnson. Johnson was born and raised in the community and said leaving is a difficult task. His wife Sherry said she cannot bear the thought of returning home to a flooded community. “We do not know what we are going to have left,” she said. Residents said they have been waiting for help from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to reinforce the levee, but county officials admit it can be a slow process. “Memphis district was out of money. They had to go to the division to get the money. It just takes time for the contracting and everything to be done,” said Lake County Mayor Macie Roberson. However, for many residents help cannot come soon enough. “We need some help here tremendously bad. We need it now,” said Johnson. Roberson said the Corps will arrive with 50 trucks Saturday to help reinforce the levee. As of 8, Friday night, the National Weather Service reported the Mississippi River at nearby Tiptonville was at 46.1 feet. Flood stage is 37 feet. Officials expect the river to continue to rise to 50.0 feet by next Thursday.

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