Tigrett Repairs Update, Hospital Helps in Clean Up

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It looks as though it is going to take longer than expected to repair damage to Tigrett Middle School in West Jackson. Monday night’s storm badly damaged the roof of the school, which has remained closed. School leaders had planned to reopen Monday, but announced Friday that repairs are taking longer than anticipated. ABC 7 Eyewitness News had hoped to get a first hand look at the damage inside the school, but district leaders refused. Tigrett is still expected to open next week, but that exact date has not been determined. In the wake of the school’s dilemma, community members have been pitching in and helping anyway they can. Just a few blocks from the school, officials at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital, washed more than several thousand dollars in uniforms damaged by the rains that leaked in to the school. The uniforms are used by the school’s football team. Coach Randy Franks said he can not thank them enough. “I knew that I couldn’t wash it at one load at a time to get it done and it means a ton to me cause it’s, you know I don’t know how much we can save but if we save any it’s saving us a little money,” said Randy Franks, Tigrett Middle School’s football coach. Jackson-Madison County General Hospital leaders said, making the decision to help was a no-brainer, as they are also Partners in Education with the school.

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