Northwest Tennessee Flooding

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Law enforcement worked in Northwest Tennessee to evacuate residents from their homes due to rising flood waters Sunday. “My name is Merle Spoonire, I’m leaving Tiptonville, never to come back again,” said Merle Spoonire, an evacuee of Tiptonville. Spoonire moved to the area from Paris 10 months ago and said he was chased out of his home by law enforcement. “I’m a fisherman, I wanted to fish in the lake, but I’ve had enough,” said Spoonire. “I know it’s higher than I’ve ever seen it and I’ve been here all my life, ” said Fred Barton, a resident of Tiptonville. Barton said his daughter was forced out of her home. She is among the more than 80 people asked to evacuate. The Mary Jack Park in the Riverpark area in Tiptonville is completely under water. “The Shepherd area, Mooring area, some people have moved out of Besty Bend area due to not being able to get in and out of those areas,” said Sheriff Bryan Avery of Lake County. Avery said the Corps of Engineers has asked everyone to stay off the levees to prevent any added pressure. In Dyersburg right outside Finley, law enforcement shutdown a road because the water had risen so high that Everett’s Lakes Grocery and a house are almost completely under water. Hundreds of cars, trucks, boats, farm equipment, and freezers were lined along the road in hopes they’d be saved from the rising waters. A driver lost control and ran off Interstate 155 just before the Missouri state line. Merle Spoonire said he’s headed back to Paris. “I’m not going to be trapped in Tiptonville and live on top of a house roof, I’m moving on,” said Spoonire.

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