Carrier Sentencing in Clarksville

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After months of delays, former Humboldt Police Officer Paul Carrier finally faced a judge for sentencing Tuesday. Last year Carrier was convicted of reckless homicide in the 2009 shooting death of Roy Glenn Jr. On Tuesday, family members of Glenn Jr. said they had hoped Carrier would have to spend some time in the state penitentiary. After nearly three hours of testimony, that is exactly what they got. “The defendant is sentenced to two years as a standard offender in a state penitentiary,” said Gibson County Judge Clayborn Peeples. “We done what we was put out to do. We done that, we just gonna leave it in the hands of the lord and he gonna work things out for us,” said Roy Gleen Sr., Glenn Jr.’s father. However, before making his decision Judge Peeples heard emotional testimony from both sides. “I know it cost somebody their life and I am sorry for that,” said Carrier’s sister, Debbie Cooper. “I really am but it is not going to bring him back.” “To you Mr. Carrier,” said Alanda Glenn, Glenn Jr.’s wife, “I do not hate you. I am not the one who will judge you. Only thing I ask, for you to say that you were sorry, but you never did.” The defense argued Carrier should be granted a judicial diversion since the 2009 shooting is the only incident on his record. However, the judge felt time had to be served. “He did give him the minimum range of two years at 30 percent,” said Carrier’s Attorney, Randy Camp. “Had the judge granted diversion today, we would have accepted that. Might have accepted probation.” Outside the courtroom after the hearing, the Glenn family stopped to pray, thankful it was finally over. “We do not put it in the judges hand. We put it in the Lord’s hand because we know he got the last word,” said Glenn Sr. Camp said he and Carrier will discuss filing a motion for an appeal in the coming days. Carrier remains free on bond.

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