Dyersburg Residents Get Out

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Many residents in West Tennessee have spend the day evacuating their homes and businesses as major flooding continues to be a threat. We caught several people in the Southtown neighborhood of Dyersburg packing up their things and preparing their homes for rising waters. Mayor John Holden has recommended an evacuation for several areas of the town. The National Weather Service predicts the North Fork of the Forked Deer River to rise about another foot by Thursday afternoon. Some residents said it is not easy being threatened by floods for the second year in a row. “It’s home, just like when you go home it’s everything you work for you live for all your neighbors, your friends, everything in the neighborhood. I mean we’re a family and it’s hard to pull yourself away from that,” said resident Ricky Sanders Evacuations for Dyersburg remain for Southtown, Evansville, the southern end of Cotton Villa at Rosemont Cove, River Ridge Cove and Delta Pine Avenue.

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