Governor Assesses Dyersburg Flooding

This video is no longer available.

The record flooding has caught the attention of the state’s governor, who made a stop in Dyer County, Tuesday afternoon. Governor Bill Haslam surveyed the area, which was in the process of being evacuated. He has also asked President Obama to authorize emergency funding of $10 million to assist state and local officials in additional evacuations. Last week, Haslam declared a state of emergency in the area as a precautionary measure due to the severe weather and rising waters of the Mississippi River. “The vastness of the flooding and the water, both sides of the river, it’s just a little hard to believe until you get up there as far as you can see,” said Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam. “You see muddy water going everywhere. It’s a little hard to. It makes you appreciate the levees, but it also makes you appreciate the power of the river that could overcome those levees as well.” Officials in Lake County have also evacuated residents since last week.

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