Evacuations Underway in Obion County

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There is no separation between Reelfoot Lake and J.D. Hoffman’s home. He said he began to notice the water coming towards his house on Monday and still it continues to rise.” Nobody really knows what the water is gonna do, you can speculate but nobody knows when its gonna quit coming up.” Hoffman has lived on Emery Lane for 16 years, but on Wednesday Hoffman decided to pack up and move. He sent his wife and daughter to higher ground. “Anything and everything out that’s any value to us only things left in there basically the things you would throw out.” Even with his family gone and his house near empty. “I just don’t want to leave this house, this is where I live,” said Hoffman. Also waiting out this natural disaster is Hoffman’s next door neighbor, Virginia Carlson. “‘I’ve been cooking doing a lot of laundry lot of dishes because we don’t have hot water have to boil it like the old days.” Right now the water is so high, Carlson is forced to stay on her porch, still she hopes she will not be forced to leave. “I’m very worried,” she said.

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