Lake County Deals with Rising Water

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Many West Tennesseans are bracing for what could be a very long Wednesday night, as the Mississippi River continues to rise. In Lake County, the water levels are dangerously close to spilling over or breeching the levee system, which would mean the entire city of Tiptonville would be under water. “Just pray for us”; those four simple words mean everything to Lake County residents, especially Rose Price. Price, adds, “This is the worst thing I’ve ever had to go through.” According to EMA Director, Jack Mauldin, it is highly probable the Mississippi River will either spill over the levee or cause it to breech, all because it cannot hold this much water. Mauldin, says, if that happens, most of Lake County will be underwater from the Mississippi. Our crews were allowed at the top of the levee, and you can see in parts, it appears just feet from spilling over. Price, says, “I’ve never seen anything like this in Lake County in my life.” And neither has Mauldin. The flood, he says, that could even come close is the one that hit in 1937, and there is a lot more water now that they are dealing with. That is why more than 47 truck loads of dirt came in, so sandbags can be filled and stacked. They are even in the process of building up about seven miles of levee, about two feet tall, with dirt. Mauldin, adds, “They found a section north of Tiptonville on the levee that’s too short, they’re trying to build that up.” Pumps are working overtime trying to get some of the water out of the nearly 20 homes already partially submerged. However, the EMA director, says, right now it is just a waiting game. There is still only a voluntary evacuation for the northern parts of Tiptonville, however it is strongly recommended that they leave now.

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